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Welcome to California-Divorce-Info.com, your resource for everything related to California divorce and family law.  You will find recommended resources on dealing with your California family law case, tips on how to interview and hire a divorce lawyer who practices in California, links to local divorce lawyers, and a number of helpful articles on family law related issues.



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Review our California Divorce Articles archive for immediate access to ideas and suggestions on how to handle a variety of divorce or family law scenario.  While some of the articles are specific to state law, many provide general information on how to deal with divorce.



Check out our California Divorce Resources for links to recommended sites that provide helpful tools and resources for those who are either contemplating divorce or already involved in a pending family law case.

For those who need a family law case or need a divorce lawyer in the Houston, Texas area, see the website of the Morgan Law Firm.

Divorce Lawyers - Metro Areas

If you need to talk to a California Divorce Lawyer about your specific circumstances, this page will help you locate divorce attorneys in your area you can contact.

Here is a website you should check out if need information on Bakersfield divorce. For those in LA, go to this site for tips on Los Angeles divorce.  Finally, for San Diego residents, try this site for helpful ideas on San Diego divorce.



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